Carousel and Collection Ads, Which One is Best for You?

carousel and collection ads

People looking for better visibility of their services or businesses better know about the different types of ads on Facebook. Almost every type of ad on Facebook comes with its pros and cons. But people who are looking for better outcomes for their business’s growth prefer carousel and collection ads.

Both these types come with several benefits, but they differ in a wide range of aspects. However, you can consider both these ads for boosting up the number of audience for your business. Other than this, you can use these ads to increase the visibility of the service that you are providing.

So, are you trying to get started with any of these ads? If yes, you may be wondering about knowing the basics and comparison of carousel and collection ads.

If this is the matter, the following article will add much more to your knowledge pool. So, why waste more time here? Let’s dive into the comprehensive guide below!

What are Facebook Carousel Ads?

If you want to know what are Facebook carousel ads, they are nothing but showcasing several photos and videos in a particular sequence. It comprises the advertising style in which multiple videos or photos are integrated into a single ad. Thus, the major purpose of this type of ad is to increase the audience’s interaction with your business.

Furthermore, they are known as the most praised and visually appealing ads to customers around the globe. The primary reason behind this is that they are one of the most engaging ways to promote your business. Another amazing fact about carousel ads is that they can increase your sales up to 10 times more.

Another study reveals that by publishing carousel ads related to your services, you can get about a 72% higher click-through rate. So, why will you deny publishing these ads on the Facebook timeline? There is not a single reason to do so!

As discussed above, carousel ads are used to showcase different pictures and videos at a time. Thus, they offer the most successful ways to show your services on mobile and computer screens to the audience. They are mostly used to feature several products related to different landing pages.

In addition to this, you can use carousel ads to highlight several features of a single product without crafting each draft separately. Isn’t it interesting? Of course, it is! It also offers an opportunity for business owners to market their services by telling a story to their customers.

Customers also use carousel ads for explaining a process that requires some details. Thus, if you own a business that needs time to showcase to the customers, you should go for carousel ads.

Best Practices for Facebook Carousel Ads

No doubt, carousel ads play the leading role in increasing your business sale, but you should implement some practices to increase the results. Some of these practices are given as under:

Explain Your Story

There is no need for you to keep things un-explained. All you have to do is explain the story in different components of the carousel ad. Make sure not to skip the snappy headlines and descriptions. Furthermore, add enough content and detail for addressing your audience in a better way.

Use Engaging Images and Videos

There is no fruit of using carousel ads when you don’t focus on adding engaging images or videos. The basic purpose of publishing carousel ads is to attract customers by adding attractive images and videos. You can contact online developers like Apex Solutions to carry out this task for you.

Contact Your Customers

Carousel ads also allow you to contact your customers by using the product imagery feature. Make sure to hook them to your content. You can insert the website link in the description. In this way, you can make them visit your store on the very first visit.

Insert the Right Landing Page

One of the most important practices you have to implement while publishing the carousel ad is adding the right landing page in the description. It holds importance because it can lead to an increased number of customers on your webpage.

Facebook Carousel Ad Example

One of the best examples of Facebook carousel ads is to explain a process to your customers. If you promote a guide about anything, try to explain the whole procedure by publishing a picture of each step. In this way, you will be able to fully explain the process without getting interrupted.

What are Facebook Collection Ads?

Unlike carousel ads, collection ads can be defined as the advertising skills in which a cover image consists of an image or a video followed by three other images of the product. It is mostly used to showcase the business types you have to sell a product.

In addition to this, it is mostly used to catch customers’ attention by giving them an instant experience and then hooking them towards the landing page. Thus, driving a large audience towards your business isn’t a problem when you are using collection ads.

carousel and collection ads

It is also regarded as one of the most prominent ways by which a customer can enjoy the authority to dig more into products and offerings. They can watch detailed videos or images through their phones. Thus, by collecting ads, you are giving your customers an instant experience.

The majority of the audience on Facebook loves collection ads because it helps them to discover your services and purchase the product in a smooth yet immersive manner. The accompanying photos of the product are arranged in a grid layout.

Thus, there is no need for you to create a separate landing page for each part of the collection ad. It can be the quickest way to improve your sales without investing much time.

Best Practices for Facebook Collection Ads

Similar to the carousel ads, you have to implement a number of best practices to increase the output of publishing Facebook collection ads. Some of these best practices are given as under:

Use Attractive Cover Image or Video

The cover image of collection ads is going to catch the attention of the users at the first look. Thus, don’t forget to go for the most attractive cover image or video. If you really want to hook your customers, research well about the type of images your customer like.

Apex Solutions can help you best in designing the cover image and video in the best way possible. We have experts who will satisfy you with the results.

Slowly Show the Products

Another important practice to increase the results of collection ads is to use the dynamic feature of Facebook to showcase your product images. You can use this option in the product feature section of your feed. In this way, all the product images will be added numerically in the ad.

Showcase Variety of Products

You can also increase the results by highlighting the amazing features of products in your ad. If you are unable to dynamically add the product images, make sure to display the images in a way that your cover page or video hook the customers.

Show Products in Lifestyle Photos

Your customers are always eager to know the importance of the use of your products in daily life. Thus, whenever you are adding pictures in the collection ads, make sure to use the products that can easily be used in daily life.

Facebook Collection Ad Example

The commonest example of a Facebook collection is the marketing of any product along with its specifications. The cover page comprises the product’s focused picture while the other pictures showcase its features.

Which is Better?

If we talk about the best option among carousel and collection ads on Facebook, the answer depends on your purpose for publishing the ad. If your main focus is to increase engagement and boost up the lead generation on your accounts, carousel ads seem like the perfect addition. They give you the opportunity to explain the process from scratch to end.

Thus, carousel ads will be best only for the lead generation objectives. They can also increase the traffic on your services.

But, when it comes to the second option, which is collection ads, experts say that they are perfect for the funnel objectives. What does that mean? If you are focusing mainly on getting the maximum conversions and boosting up catalogue sales, collection ads will always be the problem saver for you. They can boost the number of conversions on your services.

In addition to this, if you are running a store, you must consider publishing the collection ads. They are known for boosting up traffic on storefronts.

Develop Carousel or Collection Ads with Apex Solutions

The type of ad, either carousel or collection ad, doesn’t matter when you have chosen us as your developer. Apex solutions provide the premium quality for building all types of ads that you want to be present in the customer’s timeline.