Introduction To Domain Name

A Domain Name is much like a trademark or a license. It allows people to find a website by name instead of by number. It also allows customers to have a much more professional look because their website can be http://www.BusinessName.com instead of http://www.ProviderName.com/businessname. There can only be one of any Domain name in the world. If http://www.apexsol.us is already registered by another company, then no one can register the same domain but with different TLD.

Domain name is case insensitive, which means Apexsol.us, apexsol.us and aPExSOl.us are the same. A dot act as a separator in a domain name. The part after the last dot is called the Top Level Domain (TLD).

Domain name registrations for the most seen .com, .net, .org are unrestricted and are opened to anyone. They are usually referred to as International TLDs. When the internet started a decade ago, it is recommended that companies should use .com, internet service providers should use .net and organizations should use .org. But today, this rules are no longer engaged and one can register under any international TLDs.

Other international TLDs include .aero (for the air-transport industry), .biz (for businesses), .coop (for cooperatives), .info (for all uses), .museum (for museums), .name (for individuals), and .pro (for professions). But they are not as popular as .com, .net and .org.

Two letter domains, such as .uk ( United Kingdom ), .ws ( Western Samoa ) and .jp ( Japan ) are referred as country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) and are corresponded to a country, territory, or other geographic location. The rules and policies for registering domain names under the ccTLDs vary significantly and some are reserved only for the citizens of the corresponding country.

Need Of A Domain Name

All domain names must be unique and once it is registered, user owns it until the expiry date. The minimum registration period is 1 year but user can choose to renew it up to a maximum of 10 years. User can setup a website, setup an email account, or do nothing with it! With all the rights to the domain name, user can decide where to host the site and can change the host anytime, without depending fortune to any specific host.

A Domain Name must be:

  • Short domain name
  • Easily recognizable
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to spell

How to Register A Domain Name?

A user can register the domain name with a domain registrar. And there are really a lot of domain registrars available and prices do vary among registrars even for registering the same domain name! User can also register domain name while purchasing hosting account. Some hosts even offer a free domain name along with the hosting package! For example, Apex Solutions.